Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama vs. McKinney: The Black Commentator, Bob Lederer, Ronald B. McGuire

Debate, Criticisms from McKinney Supporters about Ten Reasons Why We Should Turn Out the Vote for Obama

McKinney supporters have been reading and responding to my article.

Debating Obama vs McKinney

The Black Commentator
has released a special election edition of Ten Reasons along with many good pieces analyzing election issues and choices. One exchange of comments about my article at Black Commentator Readers Corner Blog reflects the debate between McKinney supporters:

Another Cynthia said…
I DO respect the people who will vote for Mr. Obama for the reasons outlined in [Eric Mann’s] thoughtful and well-written article, but after much soul-searching and consideration of all the "variables", I simply cannot go into that voting booth on Tuesday and say that what I want is more of what the democrats are offering.

I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney. My conscience just will not let me do otherwise, because peace through economic justice is my goal.

USAmerica's uber-glorification of militarism and competition in the name of unlimited personal fortunes for a fraction few, is laying waste to our children's future and indeed to the future of this planet and every species on it, and I cannot vote for a candidate who doesn't see that and say that.

Anonymous said…
For another Cynthia - "I cannot vote for a candidate who doesn't see that and say that."

Perhaps part of the reason we hope for Mr. Obama is that he has given some reason to believe that he sees the problems and understands that he cannot be elected in this country if he articulates the problems and his solutions.

I love Ms. McKinney (actually donated once), but I know my vote to her might as well not be cast for all the change that will come from it.

As I said earlier, maybe taking down the theocratic GOP and some of the Democratic Party will deflate the process and allow room for other parties. But Green won't grow without plenty of care and attention, and it's not going to get that under the 2-party system.

Vote for McKinney Only Where Obama Is Safe

Many McKinney supporters also seem to be weighing this option. In a statement that people are forwarding and posting, Bob Lederer weighs my Ten Reasons alongside Ronald B. McGuire’s piece “McKinney or Obama? Don't Waste Your Vote!”:

I should preface this by saying I have never had any faith in national (as opposed to local) electoral politics as being a significant arena for radical struggle -- if anything it has often been a distraction at best and co-optation at worst. That said, I am attaching two messages concerning the election, both of which make a lot of valid points that are food for thought as we approach Election Day. As to the second message, by Eric Mann, I certainly respect the views of him and others who see the priority of pushing for Obama to get the highest possible vote and the value of inspiring many progressive young people, especially Black people, to become voters and have raised expectations for social change. But ultimately I am persuaded (as argued in the first message below by Ron McGuire) to cast my vote for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente -- they have the most radical politics of anyone running today....

The only reason I feel comfortable NOT giving Obama another vote to defeat McCain -- who I think is far more dangerous for all the reasons Eric Mann lays out below -- is because I live in a state (New York) where it is overwhelmingly clear that Obama will win anyway.

McGuire's piece makes similar points to Amee Chew's article, Support Obama, Vote McKinney? Not a contradiction at the Black Agenda Report.

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